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Andrew Morrison (Prof.)

Institute of Design, AHO
Andrew is the project leader for YOUrban and Director of Research at the Centre for design research at AHO. His research spans the YOUrban project as a whole, connected to PhD supervison and the three strands. He has a special interest in playable stories under the PLAYUR strand.
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Peter Hemmersam (Assoc. Prof.)

Institute of Urbanism and Landscape, AHO
A key question is how social locative media may provide new perspectives on the production of place in the contemporary globalized city. Locative media is investigated in relationship to the use of architectural mapping as a analytical and conceptualizing approach to the city, relating architectural spatial concepts to dynamic concepts of space and place.
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Jonny Aspen (Assoc. Prof).

Institute of Urbanism and Landscape, AHO

Ole Smørdal (Assoc. Prof.)

InterMedia, Univ. of Oslo

Ragnhild Tronstad (Dr.)

Institute of Design, AHO
Ragnhild is a researcher of games, performance and new media art. Leader of the strand PLAYUR, her research interest in YOUrban is the investigation and exploration of play as a mode to structure and performatively transform urban experiences.
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Einar Sneve Martinussen

Institute of Design, AHO

Jørn Knusten

Institute of Design, AHO
Data — in various forms and from a multitude of sources throughout the city — has become an important design material of modern products. Through a research by design approach Jørn will explore how we can better understand data as part of our everyday lives in cities, and as a design material for interaction design.
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Martin Havnør (CTO)

Faster Imaging
My main research interest is crowdsourcing, OpenStreetMap contributions and usage. The design/development role I have in the project is to primarily design and development iOS map-related apps and their underlying technology.
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Anthony Perritano

InterMedia, Univ. of Oslo

Idunn Sem

Idunn’s work mainly concerns practice-based inquiry of digital media, including electronic arts, embodied interaction, choreography and digital scenography. In YOUrban as a media developer she contributes to links between interaction design and performativity and the electronic mediation of research (research rhetoric).
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Jeremy Touissant (Dr.)

InterMedia, Univ. of Oslo
Programming development is my main contribution to the project.
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Even Westvang




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