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Digitalt Byliv: Matt Ward – ‘Smart cities’ are not so smart

A write-up of Matt Wards talk from Digitalt Byliv which was titled ‘This space is not for sale: Cities and the cinematic imagination’

Digitalt byliv

The conference Digitalt byliv took place at DogA on 24 May. We had great speakers, a broad trans-disciplinary audience and wonderful weather. Digitalt byliv was organised by YOUrban and Statsbygg with support from Miljøverndepartementet, Norsk Form and Forskningsrådet.

Digitalt byliv – Oslo, 24. May

This spring we are organising a conference in Oslo called ‘Digitalt byliv’ (meaning ‘digital urban life’). The conference looks at the possibilities and challenges posed by digital technologies in urban life and has an impressive line up of local and international speakers.

Playful 2012 – ‘Means of production’

Einar has been in London to talk at Playful 2012; a conference about design, games and technology organized by Mudlark. His talk ‘Means of production’ has been turned into a blogpost.

Streetscape – an experimental app for urban mapping

A paper about the experimental urban mapping app Streetscape, made as part of the YOUrban project, was presented at the Local and Mobile Conference at North Carolina State University. 

Social Cities of Tomorrow

I have just returned from the Social Cities of Tomorrow 3-day workshop and 1-day conference in Amsterdam. The catch cry for the week was “how can we make cities more social, not only more technical?”.



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