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Interest appreciated

Our recent film launch at Cognitive Cities in Berlin has received wide coverage and response. Thanks to everyone who's commented and linked to our film 'Immaterials: light painting WiFi' and its related post.

The film, made by Jørn Knutsen, Timo Arnall and Einar Sneve Martinussen, is an important part of mediating our design inquiry, taking material qualities of technology into physical experiments in the world that show us things we cannot see. We’re therefore looking forward to some more detailed reviews and connections to related research.

Making WiFi light-paintings

YOUrban is now fairly and squarely on its way towards connecting aspects of social media, design, urban lifeworlds and engagement. The Immaterial film helps us see the flicker and flutter of wireless signals across street and parks, seeping out from our own homes and workplaces where we take it for granted and where its never put to sleep!

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